Specialized analytical support services, subject matter expertise, innovative solutions to a broad range of military, DoD, U.S. government, law enforcement domains, and commercial financial institutions.

We have decades of experience providing support in a broad range of conflict zones overseas as well as at U.S.-based locations. 

Whether you are working at the federal, state, or local law enforcement level to counter criminal networks, conducting DoD direct action or counterterrorism missions around the globe, or protecting your commercial financial enterprise, Firebird AST delivers the intelligence, operational subject matter expertise, and innovative solutions on the ground where you need them to ensure mission success.

Defense Intelligence

Our analysts are subject matter experts who are highly experienced in working side-by-side in the field, fully integrated, and directly with today’s elite special operations and conventional force units. We have supported national intelligence agencies in developing solutions for international challenges. We deliver a wide range of highly specialized analytic services to support missions at the operational, tactical, or strategic level.

  • Special operations and conventional force support 
  • Real-time operational/target development support 
  • Actionable, fused, all source intelligence analysis
  • Social media exploitation and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis 
  • Collection management 
  • Expert training and mentoring
  • Identity resolution (Biometrics- BEI, Forensics- FEI)
  • Counter IED (CIED) analysis and initiatives
  • Counter threat finance analysis

Case Studies:

Defense Intelligence Agency: Defense Combating Terrorism Center

Firebird AST’s in-depth strategic, operational, and tactical analysis of terrorist and paramilitary unit activities includes producing finished intelligence products for the DIA and interagency intelligence partners including the National Counter Terrorism Center, and strategic customers including senior policy makers and the president of the United States. We provide a specialized capability in document and media exploitation (DOMEX) and have led efforts to enhance the center’s relationships with other DoD DOMEX elements to streamline joint exploitation efforts of captured enemy material. 

Defense Threat Reduction Agency: Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Agency

Firebird AST provides seasoned special operations forces, all-source intelligence analysts, targeting analysts, open source/social media exploitation analysts (with native level foreign language ability), and operations professionals to the JIDO Special Operations Branch to serve as intelligence and operations integrators. Operating at four CONUS sites and 11 OCONUS sites, Firebird subject matter experts support operations targeting improvised threat technologies and the threat networks that employ them.   

Homeland Security & Law Enforcement

While a majority of today’s headlines are focused on conflicts overseas, Firebird AST is also keenly focused on current and emerging threats posed by organized criminal and terrorist networks here at home. We support U.S. law enforcement in their mission to counter these networks by employing customized methodologies and toolsets. This, combined with our understanding of the rule of law/evidentiary chain of custody, allows Firebird AST to deliver cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions to law enforcement clients at the federal, state, and local level. 

  • Forensic financial investigations and analysis
  • Investigation, detection, disruption, mitigation, and interdiction of criminal elements and networks engaging in financial crimes, money laundering, or attacks on financial networks and institutions
  • Seizure, forfeiture, and repatriation of assets/proceeds/property illegally acquired by criminal elements
  • Counter threat finance
  • Interdiction of threat networks involved in terrorism, organized crime, drugs/narcotics, and human trafficking
  • Social media exploitation and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis 
  • Identity resolution — biometrics (BEI), forensics (FEI), and others
  • Critical infrastructure protection (CIP)

Case Study:

United States Secret Service: Asset Forfeiture Branch

Firebird AST identifies assets for seizure and/or forfeiture and investments acquired by criminal organizations and actors. We target their financial infrastructure and dismantle their organizations. We provide commercial accounting, auditing, business analysis, and forensic financial analysis expertise and assistance to Special Agents in support of specific cases for prosecution. To date our work has supported seizures of over $300 million in illicit funds.

Commercial Risk Management and Intelligence

Firebird AST provides investigation, detection, disruption, and mitigation of criminal networks engaging in financial crimes, money laundering, and attacks on financial networks and institutions. We provide training and consulting services to help our commercial clients prevent and detect crimes as well as hardening their security posture to neutralize threats presented by criminal actors to reduce and mitigate loss of assets, customer confidence, and brand prestige.  

  • Commercial analytical tools engineering and integration
  • Software/tools development, fielding, and training
  • Social media exploitation and open source intelligence (OSINT) analysis
  • Fraud investigation, forensic accounting, and analysis
  • Digital forensic training, evidence preservation, and data breach prevention
  • Fraud scheme education and training
  • Insider threat and background investigations, and employee vetting


TD Ameritrade: Risk Management Workshop Program

Firebird AST provides TD Ameritrade, Inc. with education and training to their associated wealth managers and regional investment advisors to protect against cutting-edge fraud schemes and further mitigate risk to their company and respective clients. Firebird AST developed and delivered substantive education and training on business email compromise (BEC) to more than 100 TD Ameritrade employees in workshop style conferences across the U.S. — including their national conference in Orlando. These sessions focused on the inception of the BEC fraud scheme, identified the various types of tradecraft used to execute it, and provided strategies and tactics to avoid or mitigate it as well as fraud schemes tangential to BEC.